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Curt Ramm “Smugglers Cove”

Curt Ramm’s “Smugglers Cove” is a world premiere.

Curt Ramm “Smugglers Cove”

Curt Ramm's "Smugglers Cove" is a world premiere.

Renowned wild horn player Curt Ramm arises out of the COVID period with the lead single off his impending Rogue Island collection! Debuting solely today on Top Shelf Music, “Bootleggers Cove” is one of four singles on the 11-track instrumental reggae soundscape dropping tomorrow on all computerized outlets fully expecting the full collection’s July second delivery by means of Rockatorium Records.

You probably won’t perceive the name quickly, yet we are certain you are very much aware of Ramm’s music. As a current individual from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, Ramm has additionally played with any semblance of Nile Rodgers and CHIC, They Might Be Giants, Radiohead, The Levon Helm Band, Glen Hansard and Little Steven. When the pandemic hit, Ramm needed to reconsider his excursion — as most artists managed without the capacity to visit — and Rogue Island showed therefore subsequent to blending with Rhode Island Music Hall of Famer and maker Ray Gennari (Akae Beka (Midnite), Turbulence, Protoje, Roomful Of Blues, The Temptations, Luster Kings Productions). Rebel Island really was a side project from the team, subsequent to working together on instrumental forms of melodies by Jamaican-conceived, Rhode Island-based reggae craftsman Clatta Bumboo (also known as Sheldon Townsend). “This coordinated effort was a delight and a triumph,” Ramm remarks. “Furthermore, with the pandemic at its top, as an approach to continue to play and have a great time, Ray and I began to make new tunes, comparable in style to what I had chipped away at with Sheldon’s Project.”

Recorded independently and with exceptional visitors en route, Rogue Island is the departure we’ve all been searching for after a drawn out period inside. What’s more, set as the lead track is the flowy, fun “Dealers Cove”. Ramm proceeds, “We feel that ‘Dealers Cove’ is the ideal tune to start off Rogue Island, as it catches the entirety of the good energy and energies that course through the remainder of the collection.”

Be quick to hear the new single beneath before it hits computerized outlets worldwide on June fourth and try to write in your schedules for the full collection! Marked CDs are likewise accessible, for energetic gatherers. For more data, visit the connections beneath or

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