Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music

At CPR, we’re “Working Together to Make Things Work” and you can help.

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Research & Development:

Whether its content for your favorite CPRLive program or the Reggae Reader or data about the history and profile of your favorite artist, event or subject, if you enjoy research, writing, history or compiling information, then you should consider becoming a CPR research associate.

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Marketing & Promotion:

Are you a people person? Do you have social media skills? Do you enjoy outreach and informing? Our publicity team needs you.

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If you enjoy working behind the scenes in support of making an operation efficient, then we would welcome you on our operations team.

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If you enjoy presenting information to enrich and entertain, then let’s explore how you can be an asset to our CPRLive programming.


Please provide the information requested below and we will contact you about working together to make things work.